Everything is coming along quite nicely…..

As I’ve said in previous postings……..I really love Spring. It is my absolute favorite season. Always has been, always will be.  It’s my favorite at this point in my life for a different reason than it used to be. In Georgia, Spring is a time of beauty. Everything is in bloom and it is SPECTACULAR. The wisteria, azaleas, forsythia, magnolias, dogwoods and hydrangeas are all in bloom at the same time and it is absolutely glorious. I was born in the Spring and always use that as an excuse to go for a visit to see my family, but really, it’s the blooming season I’m after.  The family is just a bonus. 😉

Since I’ve moved to my transplanted home of Massachusetts, Spring is a time of rebirth, reawakening. The dregs of winter are over and you can actually walk outside without your lungs freezing. Garden dreams are mobilized and the crocus plants start to peek out of the ground. Soon after, forsythia starts to bloom and that’s when you know you’ve survived another cold season.

Although those reasons for loving Spring seemed totally different to me when I started writing this, it has since occurred to me that they are really much the same. The Spring in Georgia, in my mind, is the equivalent of Autumn in New England. Total splendor! I suppose it’s the quickening of nature that I seek after a long Winter’s slumber.

This is why I focus so much attention on my garden. So far, this attention is paying off in spades.  The lettuce is growing faster than I can keep up with. I honestly don’t know what made me think I should plant that much of it. I’ve been feeding my neighbors and coworkers regularly. IMG_3481




This one is a particularly pretty variety, although I can’t remember the name of it. And I grew it from seed! Tastes delicious, too.






I planted 3 beds of actual lettuce (WHY??), which doesn’t include the bed of Swiss Chard, spinach, or bok choy. One of the many bonuses here is that our grocery bill has decreased dramatically. Always a plus!





The Red Romaine is growing very quickly, too. And the bees love it! Can you see the bee in flight in front of it?





The tomatoes are finally big enough that I needed to stake them up this week. Instead of paying tons of money to buy prefab stakes or cages for the 48 tomato plants that I have ($$$$), my husband very resourcefully procured “natural” stakes from our property that are doing a fine job. You either love this look or hate it. I do love it, but the garden in general is starting to have that scrubby look that they get when baby plants grow up. 🙂


And look what I’m starting to see……..the first tomato blooms!! It won’t be long now…..well, probably still longer than I’d like to wait, but at least I have visible evidence that things are working.




The pea patch is out of control. If I ever go missing, look for me there. It would be easy to get sucked into it, never to be seen again.

Love the baby pea pods that are starting to pop up all over the place. It’s going to be a full time job to keep up with these when it’s time to pick them.










A close up of the pea thicket……..





The beets are growing like weeds, too. They take forever to grow!





But they are so worth the wait…..





And we’ll be knee deep in potatoes before you know it…..








This is what my kitchen counter looks like every evening…..










So, for those of you who are still unclear. I do love Spring and I will continue to love Spring. Bring it! Happy Spring!


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